Cu Chi

Yesterday I visited cu chi tunnels. They are a very good piece of  military architecture and demonstrate the shortness of country vietnamese, who have a low-protien diet. Even i had to duck my head down when we we were going down the tunnels which were designed for cu chi gurreillas and villagers so they could fight in a place were they had all the locational supiriorities against the americans who had shamelessly  broken the geneva convention on cu chi surface. They did have a shooting range but i was 9 years too young and could not do it. :(

Dam Sen

One of the most fun things in Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) is Dam Sen Waterpark, which is, so far, my favourite waterpark in the world. My favourite slide is probably the Multislide, a 15metre slide which you go down on a mat. It is not for those who want to relax as it is vertical.

For those who do want to relax, however, I would recommend the Lazy River, a river in which you cruise on a jumbo ring and go under bridges but also, unfortunately, through rapids.

For those who want to have a relaxing waterslide, I would recommend the Wandering River, which is also my second favourite. I enjoy it because, for starters, it is a two-man jumbo ring slide, and it is also a relaxing cruise. However, it does have a little surprise for you. If you want to know, you should go to Dam Sen Waterpark, because if you ever do go there I don’t want to ruin the surprise.

Of course, they do also have the Twister Spacebowl, you can guess it is a waterslide leading into a twister bowl with a hole in the middle but if you are me you are prone to a thump on this one.

There are lots of others and a overwater zipwire. If you are an adult you will hurt your back on this zipwire.


What really has an impact on me in cambodia is the poverty there. Only yesterday a boy  stuck his hand out of a bush while we were at a resturaunt and asked for a drink of water. We poured him about 660ml of water and passed it to him. 5 seconds later, he gave us the empty glass.  When he had gone, I saw another child drinking what was left of a bottle of coke.

It strikes me that these children should have to suffer and beg while others act the selfish pig and beg for money to feed babies that have tummies as big as the real beggars. I have already seen a beggar  who does that nagging my mum. When she was gone i (quite truthfully) remarked: “if those two are starving than that is one fat baby!” mum was forced to agree.

Cambodian Transport

#1; motorcycle taxis are a fast and cheap-ish and are able to avoid the many potholes and bumps of which you find a lot of in cambodian roads. #2; tuk-tuks 😀 are the slowest form of transport and are open but rickety for the passengers as it is basically half a motorbike strapped to a small, open-sided carridge which is taller than a car. it is also a low-cornering capability vehicle and so is helpless against bad cambodian roads.

#3; longtail boats are small, fishing-class boats with a spinning petrol motor, on the end of which is a long metal pole attached to a propellor. they are VERY noisy :( when they turn on the engines and also rather fast.

#4; bamboo trains are basically wooden bedframes with bits of bamboo slat so you can sit down and 2 metal sets of wheels, 1 of which has a bicycle chain on it to attach it to a longtail engine which makes it go. it is v fast but the genious in it is that you can take it off the rails if another train comes up.

Mozzies and Temples

So first I had to get up at 4 o’clock to go to some boring place for sunrise IN a t-shirt and shorts WITHOUT breakfast plus the scenery was not much at all but at least I went to angkor wat and saw a man who was being used as a climbing frame. As for the mozzies, I HATE THEM!!!!!!!!


Yep, the 3rd blog post today and i am getting fed up.. but not enough to do long division. In fact, the prospect of doing it keeps me going. I have now plucked up the courage to say that I think what caused the universe was a thing i call zero matter. Basically, it is a nothingness with the power to cause something. Just an unliving, unsupernatural, semi-existing “god”. However, I am not saying other religous views are wrong so please do not take this as an offence but as a different view and please respect it.


Baby….. I hear that word a lot in cambodia; even though i am a lot taller than cambodian kids. westerners are so much taller that i mistook a khmer (cambodian) 8-year-old for a 5-year old! I wonder why? …..Yet they still call me baby. :(

Death By Long Division

I completly HATE long division. My mum teaches it to me every monday on our travels and we will both die of it. I will die out of  boredom from it; and mum will die of stress from trying to teach me it. It’s true, I am v hard to teach when it comes to long division. i would not be doing this post if it did not get me out of long division (phew!) now i will finish the post and go back to my game at nitrome. 😉 😉 😀 😀 😀 :) :) :) :)


Squat Toilets.  The other way of saying horrid. (to a westerner.) I must remark that if you need to poop, use a western toilet or the forest but NOT a squat. I, myself, once must have eaten something that did not agree with me and to make matters worse, i was in cambodia so I had to use a squat for diarrhoea. As you can imagine, it spilled.