What really has an impact on me in cambodia is the poverty there. Only yesterday a boy  stuck his hand out of a bush while we were at a resturaunt and asked for a drink of water. We poured him about 660ml of water and passed it to him. 5 seconds later, he gave us the empty glass.  When he had gone, I saw another child drinking what was left of a bottle of coke.

It strikes me that these children should have to suffer and beg while others act the selfish pig and beg for money to feed babies that have tummies as big as the real beggars. I have already seen a beggar  who does that nagging my mum. When she was gone i (quite truthfully) remarked: “if those two are starving than that is one fat baby!” mum was forced to agree.

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  1. Hi Zac. Love reading your blogs. Don’t stress too much about the long division either. You are seeing some amazing things & learning so much other stuff that will also be very useful in years to come. ( Ooh – I could be in trouble for saying that!)
    After reading your thoughts on the poverty you are finding all around you, I thought something that you may not have discovered yet, is that fat tummies on little babies is mostly a sign that they are not getting enough of the right kind of food, especially protein, & are really very, very hungry.
    There is even a name for it – Kwashiorkor

    Mish xx

  2. haha, found your post on your mom’s blog. Which link to this blog. Awesome, I am reading both :)

    Children begging is probably the most hearten part of vietnam. I remember still as a young boy watch another handicap young boys (I recalled he doesn’t have any legs), strapped himself into a skateboard and pretty much roll around the fish market. I watch him for the longest time because I had no money to give. And I wonder where would he go at night because the rain is horrible in vietnam (though I love the rains). Sigh…

    I had many poor friends and I was pretty poor at one point. But people are so generous at every level, I recalled my friend family offer me lunch which was like 5 minutes ramen noodles. But those gesture stuck with me for all my life.

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