Dam Sen

One of the most fun things in Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) is Dam Sen Waterpark, which is, so far, my favourite waterpark in the world. My favourite slide is probably the Multislide, a 15metre slide which you go down on a mat. It is not for those who want to relax as it is vertical.

For those who do want to relax, however, I would recommend the Lazy River, a river in which you cruise on a jumbo ring and go under bridges but also, unfortunately, through rapids.

For those who want to have a relaxing waterslide, I would recommend the Wandering River, which is also my second favourite. I enjoy it because, for starters, it is a two-man jumbo ring slide, and it is also a relaxing cruise. However, it does have a little surprise for you. If you want to know, you should go to Dam Sen Waterpark, because if you ever do go there I don’t want to ruin the surprise.

Of course, they do also have the Twister Spacebowl, you can guess it is a waterslide leading into a twister bowl with a hole in the middle but if you are me you are prone to a thump on this one.

There are lots of others and a overwater zipwire. If you are an adult you will hurt your back on this zipwire.

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  1. Before I left Vietnam, the first water park open in that region. I initially thought it was the same one, but my mom corrected me that it maybe different. America does have some vary type of water park like in Wisconsin Dell for one. But boy, they never have the right temperature for waterpark like Vietnam. Also one of my favorite place, :)

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