That Was Awkward

Now i know most asians i meet here think i am older than i really am, but this is ridiculous! I have just been asked ‘where my wife is’!!! it makes me feel like goliath! :( Oh, and why do they laugh whenever i say something in english? How would they like it if i burst out laughing at the mere mention of a word?

2 Responses to That Was Awkward

  1. LOL! This is the funniest thing I have read for sometime! I leave you alone for an hour or so to go and pick up our passports, and they’re marrying you off. Either that, or thinking I’ve neglected you…

  2. When I go travelling in Africa, I always carry a picture of a male friend just so that when I’m approached by lots of dodgy men I can say, look, I’m married and this is my husband! In fact I have a lot of fun making up characteristics of this ‘husband’ not to mention a new name each time as well as a story of how we met!

    I think my ability to confer a visa on a potential husband makes me very attractive…

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