Look Mum! It Wobbles!

This just in! One of my baby molars has started wobbling! I find this handy since (don’t tell) this tooth is the one that I had had a filling inserted into. I also find it will be an effective boost for my finances and my oral hygine and I will amuse myself by watching mum try to swap my tooth. Yes mum, that is a challenge! 😀 😉

Treeclimbing La Façon Exotique

Well, here I am. Writing a blog post on treeclimbing and wondering why the hell I agreed to extend our trip when I am already feeling homesick. Anyhow, back to the point. Palm trees tend to bend over to crazy angles and start to grow that way. This type of palm tree is good for climbing on as I did on it. I got quite high up and was encouraged by the fact that if I fell off (which I didn’t), I would land on sand. Anyhow, most importantly of all, I enjoyed it. 😉 😀

I’ve Just Been Stung By An Aquatic Delicacy; I Am Hardly In The Mood For Seafood

Well, it’s true,  I have just been stung by a jellyfish; I even blistered. We swabbed it with vinegar. Vinegar works well on jellyfish stings and sore tounges and is even said to soothe bee stings. I have tried it on tounges and jellyfish stings and they both work. Anyhow, I really did quote: I’ve just been stung by an aquatic delicacy; I am hardly in the mood for seafood.


Now I know Tom & Jerry are hilarious, but let’s think; if Tom & Jerry were real humans, would you laugh? I think not. I had a moment when I got a massive cut from getting my foot stuck in a concrete sewer grating. We had to put iodine on it. Iodine stings like hell and had me wincing, I can tell you! So my point is: cartoon violence may be funny, but real violence is not.


Corregidor; a small, tadpole-shaped island inbetween the to sticky-out bits of the ∩-shaped mainland of the phillipines. A military pillar of U.S forces during WW2, it successfully defended The Phillipines against Japanese recolonization until it surrendered in 1942. It was then liberated in 1945, when the war was, quite unfairly, won by a plutonium bomb.


Well hello all, I am back and have learnt to scuba-dive. I have played underwater frisbee, learnt how to search for the regulator diver-style, learnt diver talk (hand gestures) and had a cracking good time. here are some things I saw:

  • 1 clownfish

  • around 11 small blue fish

  • a remarkably gargantuan hunk of coral

  • a few hundred little grey fish

  • and a very coral-encrusted rope