Well hello all, I am back and have learnt to scuba-dive. I have played underwater frisbee, learnt how to search for the regulator diver-style, learnt diver talk (hand gestures) and had a cracking good time. here are some things I saw:

  • 1 clownfish

  • around 11 small blue fish

  • a remarkably gargantuan hunk of coral

  • a few hundred little grey fish

  • and a very coral-encrusted rope

3 Responses to Bubblemakers

  1. Hi Holger,

    Nice to hear from you! He’s really a good little diver… As you can imagine, his swimming is rather improved since you met him…


  2. YAY!! i LOVE LOVE LOVE scuba diving. i am so glad you learned it!! and i have a feeling it will be a lifelong love, no? once you’re under the water, you’re changed. it’s like the mafia, you never want to leave “the family” lol.

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