Now I know Tom & Jerry are hilarious, but let’s think; if Tom & Jerry were real humans, would you laugh? I think not. I had a moment when I got a massive cut from getting my foot stuck in a concrete sewer grating. We had to put iodine on it. Iodine stings like hell and had me wincing, I can tell you! So my point is: cartoon violence may be funny, but real violence is not.

3 Responses to Comedy=:C

  1. Absolutely right! Sorry to hear about your foot – add it to the list of scars from the adventure.
    Lots of love

  2. It’s not so much his foot as about three inches off the front of his shin. Mercifully, the sewer proper, erm, I mean “storm drain” was out of his depth, as it were. We are still going heavy on the iodine…

  3. Bad luck! That really is a bit tough, but it has clearly made you think about personal damage. Well done Mummy T for sorting you out, even if if wasn’t exactly painless.

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