Fire, Fire, FIRE!

Last night I successfully restored a campfire. I had no need for a lighter; it was almost burning. I really enjoyed it. It was a pyromaniac’s heaven… It had been easy to re-ignite the fire; I just poked the embers. Did I mention I have started dad on Artemis Fowl?

The series is very addictive for some unfathomable reason. I would have put up a link but this prehistoric Macbook can’t right click and my own computer is busted… :(

Water Parks R Gr8!

Yes, water parks are great and may have helped mum overcome her vertigo. First of all we tubed down the lazy river. Lazy rivers also tend to have artificial rapids. I was also very chuffed with the black flume. Black flumes are VERY fast flumes that you go down in 2-man tubes. I also enjoyed the red kamikaze, a twisting slide which is pretty fast. I LOVED the mat slide, but if I had to pick one favourite, I would choose the diving board. This was the one I got a round of applause for. This, was where mum braved it. And it was AWESOME! 😀

P.S: The water park is in Hanoi.

The Queen Of The Fishes

Yesterday I  went wreck diving and I saw a big fat parrotfish butting every other fish out of the way to get at the coral as if it owned the place. A parrotfish is amazing. It is large with a D-shaped beak for eatng coral and it’s scales are green, pink and cyan. So all in all, it looks totally beautiful.

Scuba Training- Minus The Training

Hello, apparently I promised to do a scuba post, so here it is. Today, mum squeezed in a bubblemaker and I got to watch my dive teacher, named fred, feed the fish a bagful of rice, pick up a sea urchin with no visible pain, touch a pink anemone, and therefore cause it to disappear. (or it was a hallucination)


Hello. I am doing this post in roughly the same colour as my skin. In el nido I was having a nice boat tour but got huge amounts of sunburn. I  later on reinforce this sunburn with some more and start blistering. I then have to run back to our hotel to get the medikit and come back, sterelize the needle and pop the blisters. End of.