WOOT! Elephants!

Today we went to the elephant camp. We saw a show. An AMAZING show. There are not many shows where elephants play harmonicas, play football and paint pictures. At the elephant camp, most of the elephants each have their own flag (england, germany, korea, etc.) painted on them. After the show, we went to the elephant nursery where we saw a baby elephant.

After that we went to an orchid farm and I had a coke. Needless to say, it was enough adventure for one day.

2 Responses to WOOT! Elephants!

  1. I love the “enough adventure for one day”. “Stop at the snake farm, Zac?” “Nah.” “How about the Monkey Kingdom?” “Nuh-uh.” Well, at least you were up for the orchid farm…

  2. Sounds tremendously exciting. Looking forward to seeing orangutans with you in a couple of weeks or so.
    #Lots of love

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