A few days ago, I went snorkeling. While I was snorkeling, I saw a whopping great sea Turtle. Sea Turtles have a lifespan of around 200 years and are strong swimmers. I had to put on a big burst of effort to catch up with one, but then I reached out and touched its shell.

That night, we went over to the Turtle beach and we saw a mother Turtle burying her eggs in the sand. When they collected the eggs to keep them safe (mother Turtles bury the eggs and ditch them) they let me release a couple of other newborns, who were then named Zac, after me, and Fred, after my best friend. So this blog is being written by a turtle. 😉

5 Responses to Turtles

  1. Sounds wonderful – so does Mum’s post. Hope Zac and Fred survive! Grey and rainy here – I wish I was with you in Indonesia

    • No. If you think like I do, every animal (including Humans) has a maximum lifespan of around 100 years, so I think Turtle years are about twice as long as Human ones.

  2. How fantastic to swim with turtles. You must swim like a fish by now after all your aquatic experiences – beats school!

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