White Water Wafting

I love Xorbing. I love Zipwiring. I love WhiteWater rafting. WhiteWater rafting is on rapids. However, what is white, apart from foam crests? Snow. When you get into the inflatable raft, you feel fine. However, when you get splashed, the temperature drops by a few degrees.

I did this. It starts with an early wake-up. After breakfast, I am hustled onto a minibus.  I sleep on the minibus. After waking up, I find myself taking a truck down the bumpiest road of my (and, apparently, mum’s) life. Then I have to trek down to the river. On getting down, I see the raft being inflated. I take off my disintergrating (and cheap) boots.

I ride the rapids. And have fun.

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  1. Sorry to hear the boots have gone at last – for Dalston market cheapies they did well! Glad there is another extreeeeeme sport you like! Grandpa adds his love.

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