Under The Tree

My last post was about Christmas. This post is also about Christmas. About my presents. Here they are.

  • A laser-sighted Nerf gun
  • A survival kit
  • An awesome Beano annual
  • A toy car that changes colour
  • A crystal set
  • A DIY radio
  • And finally, a selection of computer games including Evil Genius, Plants vs Zombies and Halo Evolved.

Cool, huh?

Christmas Special

Merry Xmas  to all those out there who read my blog. My christmas was very fun indeed. We celebrated it in Brisbane. Fred, my very best friend, flew in from London for christmas. He recovered from the jetlag in time. On christmas eve,we spent most of our time on the computer, playing games. The next day, we got up, went into the living room, and went for the pillowcases (make-shift stockings).

In our stockings were:

  • 2 water pistols
  • a toy helicopter
  • lots of pencils

But that’s nothing compared to what we found under the tree.

Stumpy Pinnacles

Pinnacles are generally recognised as big pointy things. Not in Australia, though. Look at the photo. The small figure is me. The tall figure is one of my many cousins who is called Richard. It would not have occurred to me to climb it otherwise, if Richard hadn’t already done it. So I did it too. As you can see, it was a stumpy pinnacle, and an easy climb. It had good views from the top though, and it was nice and cool. We had to get off because it started raining, and  that terminated it all. Still, it was fun and it was worth it, so it was officially worthwhile. End of. Bye! 😉