The long drive

Hello, I have just come back from a long drive through the Outback. On the first day we (me,  mum, granny and grandpa) drove through Adelaide in South Australia all the way to the mining town of Coober Pedy.

Then we went to Yulara (near Uluru/Ayers Rock and Kata Tjuta/The Olgas), where we saw the sunrise (I, personally, think it was overrated) at Uluru. However, I do recommend the valley of the winds, which is a hike through Kata Tjuta.

After the Uluru sunrise, we set off for Alice Springs. By now  we were in the Northern Territory. After Alice, we went down to SA, to Woomera, a town which was used as a British missile test site, and by jove they are proud of it, with old rockets decorating road signs, a hotel, and  even one by the local church.   

Then we went to Adelaide, which is where we are now. The total distance? 4005 km.

Watery Year

Where did you spend new year? I spent it at the wet ‘n’ wild waterpark, in Brisbane. I think my favourite ride was tornado, where you went down a massive funnel. Terrifying. Then there was the kamikaze, a boomerang slide where you could literally feel the g-force. There was one with a three-man tube, and one where you raced down on mats.

I loved it.