Hey everyone, I got to see the movie known as  The Cove. Well, maybe not a movie. Maybe something like “depressing documentary on the slaughter of dolphins that teaches us that fish contains toxic levels of mercury” would be more fitting..

I don’t think this post will help much because due to the infrequency of my posting and all, few people actually read this stuff, as opposed to my mother, who rolls out a couple of posts per week (in the presence of internet that is)….

Anyways, cut to the chase, they (49 fishermen) were slaughtering them (the dolphins) at the small Japanese town of Taiji (population three thousand and something). After the release of this film, Japan, under international pressure, lowered the kill count, but did not drop the act. Find out more @

School Again….

Today, I, as has gone on for over a month, went to school. Yes, school. And, as a result, I have made 2 new friends. Their names? Rama and Otis. Mum’s happy that I have friends and that I am going to school, and I get tomorrow off for the parade, which makes it even more special. Plus, I’m in the only place in Indonesia which understands the prospect of a rare steak.

Hooray for Bali.