Hey everyone, I got to see the movie known as  The Cove. Well, maybe not a movie. Maybe something like “depressing documentary on the slaughter of dolphins that teaches us that fish contains toxic levels of mercury” would be more fitting..

I don’t think this post will help much because due to the infrequency of my posting and all, few people actually read this stuff, as opposed to my mother, who rolls out a couple of posts per week (in the presence of internet that is)….

Anyways, cut to the chase, they (49 fishermen) were slaughtering them (the dolphins) at the small Japanese town of Taiji (population three thousand and something). After the release of this film, Japan, under international pressure, lowered the kill count, but did not drop the act. Find out more @

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  1. It’s truly depressing and horrifying isn’t it. You might not have as many readers as your Mum but you’ve helped bring back all my memories of my horror when I first heard about the story behind the Cove and have prompted me to learn more about it. So hey that’s one person you’ve affected.

    Nice payout on your Mum btw!

  2. Z- Thanks for this post, I think I will have my kids watch this as it is horrible to see what we do to animals. You seem to be a very conscientious kid and we hope that we can meet up with you someday in real life!

  3. Aw, honey. I think more people than you realise read your stuff and know how excellent your writing is. Do try not to get discouraged.

  4. I’m glad the film managed to reduce the number of dolphins slaughtered. I don’t think I want to see the film. I’m very squeamish. But thank you so much for sharing your concerns about dolphins. They’re one of my favourite animals.

  5. Z – thank you for sharing this with the blog readers. When we watched this, I had a difficult time watching through the entire movie because there was so much violence. Our daughter was 6 at the time and she had a hard time too. I wondered how you felt about some of what you saw.

    I look forward to reading more posts from you!~

    hugs from Chiang Mai, Thailand.

  6. Great post Zac, all of us found it really interesting, especially Basil. Don’t worry about posting regularly, you have got school and a social life. Although more from you would be great!!

  7. Yep, its depressing documentary movie. Hope many people will watch this documentary and really hope that it will be screening in Jakarta cinema soon.

    Have you seen Sharkwater? documentary about shark. Good one.

  8. Well, I read it, and you’ve reminded me always to check that the tuna I buy is ‘dolphin-friendly’ – guess that means no more looking for the cheapest….

    • Sir has given up fish. Because of the mercury. At the film, he buttonholed the director to ask, wait for it, anxiously about “mercury in meat”!

  9. Z, I have such a difficult time watching cruelty on film, especially cruelty to animals. I haven’t seen the film, think I won’t be able to because, like I said, it’s so difficult for me to watch disturbing images. Curious though, how does the slaughter of dolphins relates to the mercury levels in fish? Do you happen to know why the dolphins are slaughtered? And lastly, do you think there is something we could do to further stop the slaughter? Thanks so much for bringing this issue to our attention.

    Great post, by the way!

    • 1. Dolphin meat, which contains high levels of mercury, is sold as an unidentified meat product and is thus a major heath hazard. 2. Something about the bushido code, I think. 3. Become president and force Japan. Or protest…

  10. z – this is critical information, and thank you for sharing it! how did you feel about the movie, personally? i don’t know if i could watch the movie, bc i love dolphins so. but i CAN take action. thanks for the information – off there now!

  11. Don’t be disheartened Z – I can have hundreds of readers one day and just a few comments (i.e. the internet ‘lurkers’).
    Keep up the good work. And yes, The Cove is a difficult film to watch. Glad to see you were just as shocked as the rest of us!

  12. Maybe you should go to Taiji and ask them, politely, to stop. Doubt a 10 year old has tried that, I suspect they would listen to that more than international pressure. You may also find out their story. There’s always another side of the story and I doubt they do it for fun.

    Good luck.

  13. Thanks for the post. Just want to let you know that even when you don’t get comments, it doesn’t mean people aren’t reading your work. Lot’s of times people tell me at some point that they liked a blog I wrote, but never took the time to comment on them. Keep writing – people out there are reading them!

  14. Good article. I knew nothing about the movie so you have enlightened me for sure. We will look for the movie on Netflix.

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