Back 2 Oz

Hey all! I’m back from Oz now, so I will now happily reminisce about my fun time there and call it a blog post. Oh yeah. I forgot to tell you I went to Brisbane again for a week. So I did stuff I wanted to do there. I went to the Victoria  park Putt Putt crazy golf course one day. That was fun, and I got to improve my putting technique.

Next I discovered I might not be hopeless at cricket. That was nice. Then, I got to go to a really awesome theme park called Dreamworld Australia®. Look it up. My favourite ride was called Cyclone, and I liked it because it was fast, long, and had a double loop. Exactly what I like. And then there was a laser tag place called (look it up) Laser Force®. And, errrr, that’s all, I guess.

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  1. Z, when I’m in Oz, I live just south of Brisbane….and my youngest daughter worked at Dreamworld for over 2 years. Glad you enjoyed your stay 😉

  2. I don’t know why you thought you were hopeless at either golf or cricket. You’re good at diving. And you’re going to be good at surfing. I thought this was a lovely post.

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