Yet another f*cking little country

Yup, we’re now in East Timor, formally known as Timor Leste, which is an independent small country that split off from Indonesia shortly after the U.N. noticed Timor existed.Indonesia then pulled out and stopped massacring the East Timorese, and then the U.N. pulled out too.

So then the East Timorese began to massacre each other instead, so the U.N. came back, and half the economy is now based on selling stuff to foreign U.N. workers. At least they have oil and gas reserves.

Unfortunately, due to its dry, infertile terrain, there is no farming, and the only reason America even has an embassy is because of the 3-km deep channel between Dili (the capital), and the nearby island of Atauro.

Anyway, the point is we’re here.