Yet another f*cking little country

Yup, we’re now in East Timor, formally known as Timor Leste, which is an independent small country that split off from Indonesia shortly after the U.N. noticed Timor existed.Indonesia then pulled out and stopped massacring the East Timorese, and then the U.N. pulled out too.

So then the East Timorese began to massacre each other instead, so the U.N. came back, and half the economy is now based on selling stuff to foreign U.N. workers. At least they have oil and gas reserves.

Unfortunately, due to its dry, infertile terrain, there is no farming, and the only reason America even has an embassy is because of the 3-km deep channel between Dili (the capital), and the nearby island of Atauro.

Anyway, the point is we’re here.

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  1. Perhaps you could explain to your curious audience, darling, why Timor Leste ended up being independent of Indonesia when it is half of an island, plus the enclave of Oecussi, that is otherwise Indonesian? You know. Delve into the colonial politics a little.

  2. and also you should know that there is farming…. especially coffee. Timor-Leste exports millions of dollars’ worth a year, mostly to Starbucks.
    The tone of your post would be considered offensive by many Timorese, by the way. They suffered terribly throughout the events that you describe with such flippancy.

      • I agree with you there if you want more info about the area use instead of asking a ten year old who probably really didnt like the place and is probably being made to write some of these blogs as part of his home schooling or should i say travel schooling you can tell by the way they are written which ones are just his writings and which have had other influences to push him along give him a break i have a 12 yo daughter who if she wrote stuff like some of these blogs i would ask which book did you copy that out of … and Zac if they are all your own words and Writing well done Mate and keep up the good work i have been reading your blog from the first post on this site up till this one and will continue till i reach your most present post … i am thinking of taking my daughter on a trip around Australia and was reading your blog to see a childs view of long term travel and it has been very helpful so keep it up we live about half way between Brisbane and Wet-n-wild and Dreamworld and im glad you enjoyed our wonderful but well overpriced waterparks

        • Hi Joel,

          Z’s mum here… Actually, Z did like Timor Leste — particularly Baucau, with the Pink Palace, and Dili — but, as you can tell, and, as often on this blog, the piece was written under protest. He does write all his own stuff, though we do use his blog as part of homeschooling/roadschooling/unschooling, whatever you want to call it.

          Which means… the essay he posted on the Mighty Mekong was written as schoolwork, so went through a couple of drafts. The pieces on making incense and Zombies, while not drafted, were part of him learning instructive writing.

          And the piece on Kupang was an exercise — his choice of topic — in descriptive writing and using all his senses to describe things. So we talked about things he might want to describe before he wrote it.

          There wasn’t a lot of parental influence in this one, or drafting. If it had been a piece of history-type schoolwork, he’d have had to include dates and be accurate…

          I think blogging and unschooling has really helped his writing. Before he left, he’d hardly write at all. Moving writing to on-screen and, paradoxically, doing less of it, has helped a lot more, IMHO, than would a similar amount of time in school.

          Anyway… I hope you enjoy your travels with your daughter. It’s well worth making the leap to do it.


  3. Succinct, if not entirely accurate. And why not let your readers know why the deep water channel is important?

  4. Ha ha ha Z, love the title…and, as I pointed out to your Mum when she originally annouced you were both going there…’It has no roads!!!!’. Just kidding, there must be something there?

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