My Awful (?) Mum

Disclaimer: I may not have included all of the factors, good and bad, of my mum. I kinda want to upgrade my computer and I could use another gigabyte of RAM space, so I’m trying to get an ad deal. One should be enough.

My mum sorta sux. So I wrote this blog post about it.


  • Lost my phone for me (IT HAD A COLOUR SCREEN!).
  • Has hijacked my netbook cause hers has a shoddy trackpad.
  • Is not letting me watch movies on my computer.
  • Made me do this stupid blog post (at least she didn’t object to the theme of the post…).
  • Generally does not let me talk about the crazy lady whereas she feels free to b@t*h about her all she wants.
  • Is now forcing me to do an essay after this. GAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!! :(
  • Still owes me a considerable allowance.

However, I guess there is a somewhat larger nice side of my mum. Besides which this post has to reach 300 words to count.

For starters, unlike some people, she does not sell naked pics of me over the web. And she…

  • Allows us to go over-budget a lot. And I mean a LOT.
  • Eventually pays my allowance. Eventually. And she does allow me to have soft drinks.
  • Knows when I’m angry (never) and when I’m simply dehydrated (a lot of the time this is the cause).
  • Does not have very strict rules about beddy byes. Not when she has internet, anyway. Lol. 😀
  • Is usually a bit more reasonable when it comes to computers. I mean, it is mine, not hers. I mean, she didn’t ask me about it… Should I even put this in the pros section? Is this a pro or a con? Oh to hell with it. Pro it is.

Alrighty then. I’m sweating my ass off in the heat of Penang, and so I leave you now to do something that is hopefully more interesting. Bye now!

24 Responses to My Awful (?) Mum

  1. Didn’t your Mum also stand on your new sunglasses? Mentioning that might have put you over your word limit though.
    Any reason why you went with the American spelling of “arse”? Or did you mean a donkey?

  2. I’m glad, at least, you found the space to include some pros. Surprised you didn’t find time to complain about brutal jungle treks, mountain climbs and motorbike catastrophes. Maybe in a follow-up post?

  3. HA!! Awesome. Like your Mum, I also suck, in all the same ways!! My four kids would agree! I hope very much that we cross paths one day, you’d get on great with my boys! Nice post, even though you hated doing it!

  4. Ummm – gosh I am glad my boys arent allowed here a computer to do a blog post about me! I almost fell off the chair while I was reading it…especially about the word limit, and the essay!! Love how awful your mum is…I would so be up there with the same rules about computer/dvds!!!

    Thanks for sharing :)

  5. So funny. I think you would get along rather well with my 10 year old, though he would have similar complaints. Just be glad you are an only child – my son just had tutoring his sister in multiplication added to his school tasks.

  6. I haven’t seen you or your mom! Bloody hell, I just came to know about your site through LP and I am already feeling as if I know you for years!

    Great blog. Great duo of mom and son! All the best.


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