Tiger, um, jumping, gorge

Well then. That was fun. We’ve just come back from a trek through Tiger Leaping (or jumping, said the signs at the Tina’s guesthouse) gorge.

Apparently a hunter was chasing a Tiger, but the Tiger didn’t want to die (weird eh?) and jumped across the narrowest point of the gorge (and the Yangtze), hence the name.
Anyways, I got some lovely photos and the trek was, well, quite enjoyable (you win mum).

A pretty red flower, freshly Lightroom'd and such.

And it was well worth The Sims 3 for my computer. So, I liked it. Mum actually went down there and stood on the spot where the tiger was said to have jumped.
Yeah, um, I sort of stayed in the room a little watching Doctor Who. And now, guess what? So many unfit tourons haven’t been able to cope, they’ve made up a new spot where the Tiger jumped. Tourism. Honestly. Look, if you can’t do it, don’t complain.
Okay, I’m bored now. Post over. Bye. Seriously, bye. Stop reading. I SAID BYE!!!