My Yummy Curry

Hello readers! I’m tapping out another recipe!
You will need:
•Chicken (breast or leg bit)
•Coriander (preferably ground)
•Cumin seeds
•Ground turmeric
•Cayenne pepper (again, ground)
•Liquid stock (or chicken oxo and water)
•Frying oil (or congealed beef dripping)
•A big saucepan

  1. Chop the chicken into chunks. Put some oil into the pan and heat .
  2. When the oil (or dripping) is sizzling, put maybe five chunks in, and repeat when the chunks are all white.
  3. After the chicken is done, add around three teaspoons of turmeric, half a teaspoon of cumin, half a tsp. of coriander, and a quarter tsp. of cayenne pepper.
  4. Taste regularly. It should have turned canary yellow. Add stock and restore to former shade and taste (well, nearly). Add salt and pepper at will.
  5. Tastes satisfactory? Serve. If it’s too spicy, use yoghurt. It goes well with rice.
  6. Enjoy! 😛


2 Responses to My Yummy Curry

  1. That sounds delicious. What I like to do is use a few chicken thighs, which are both cheap and very tasty, and carefully cut the bones out. Then you can boil the bones for half an hour or so to make your own chicken stock. Remember that tip for when you are a poor student in many years’ time! You can also do that to make pho or chicken soup.

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