And now he goes skiing

That’s right, readers, I have gone to Bulgaria. Why? To go skiing (read the damn title) and to meet up with the Burns family (Our Travel Lifestyle). And it’s been fun. Apart from a few incidents, it’s been fantastic. Summary:

Day 1: Around 60 mins of snowboard lessons, another hour of using snowboards as toboggans, ten minutes of falling over on the training slope.

Day 2: Switched back to skiing. Did a few refreshers. Got back to my former level of confidence and gung-ho-ness.

Day 3 : Tackled brutal Bulgarian ski runs. Ski’d down to the bottom cable car.

Day 4: Skived with mum. Ahhh, blissful Minecraft.

Day 5: Back to the slopes. I enjoyed myself, but there was lots of wind on the top- which we ski’d through.

Day 6: Learned to do parallel turns with Emil, the mountain’s best extreme ski-er.

Day 7: Hurt my arm on a red. Then I went right up top. I was going to ski right down to the bottom, but then I messed up and badly bruised my shin. And that’s just lovely, innit?

Day 8:  That’s today. So I started with a skype-based maths lesson. I then worked my way up into another bruise on the same shin (ow!) and whimpered my way down (with a lot of help) to the middle cable car. Thanks, Emil!

Day 987: The  Earth is invaded by Martians and Humanity is wiped out. :(

Now what? Now we spend two to three more days ski-ing and then go to, um, Plovdiv. And then we go to Sofia. And fly back to England. Hooray. T_T Okay. That’s it. Thanks for suffering through this.


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  1. Well, hoping the ski socks sort out your shins. I blame your father for leaving you with his legs… Though you could blame me for being too cheap to buy proper ski socks…

  2. How did you discover our plan? We will let you live, human child. You and you alone. You can teach us to ski but we do not want to snowboard, thank you. Our shins are very brittle. Oh nooo I’ve revealed our weaknessssss &%%$$***///£££& What is this Minecraft of which you speak? My martian sproglet Fred has also spoken of this… TROLOLOL

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