Good morning Egypt

Hello readers (however small your numbers might be)! I am in… guess… China! Nah, I’m in Egypt. First probable question: “Have you been to see the Pyramids?” Answer: No, and not the Sphinx either. If you really want to know, I’m in Dahab. I think that means gold. Oh yeah, I’ve been quadbiking too. I love quadbiking. I have done for ages. This one was awesome, although I got a bit worried when I found that I’d broken three safety precautions (no under 16s allowed to drive, no riding on public roads and no passengers) at once. Although, as my new friend Steve said, they’d been shipped in from a place where the rules applied to a place where they forgot to remove the stickers.

I’m enjoying Dahab. It’s a really laid-back place. And it’s got internet. That helps. Go ahead and comment now, cos this is the end of the post.


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  1. Good internet is key. Must have shipped those quads in from some uptight country like the US, we don’t really do rules or bedtimes for that matter! Hoping we all meet up at some point soon!

  2. Zacster! so cool of you to share your adventures with those of us who don’t get to travel full time like you and your mum do. I’d LOVE to take my son (he’s 10) on a LONG journey like you’ve had…. but his dad is pretty conventional (square) and would never agree to it. Egypt must be amazing…. enjoy quadbiking and discovering new friends and cultures and please share more with us soon! gia

  3. Sounds tremendous. The wadi looks quite like the entrance to Petra, which you’ll be seeing eventually. Carry on having a wonderful time in Dahab and around.

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