The Sphinx’s missing nose

Yeah. I’ve been to the pyramids. That’s on everybody’s to do list, and I’m going to try not to brag about it. So, let’s see. First, I scrambled around the pyramid of Khafre until the guards sort of yelled. Pyramids are good to climb on. They’re also, frankly, awe-inspiringly imposing  Unfortunately certain ****tarded tourists find it cool (or funny, or whatever) to scrawl their names on thousands-of-years-old Egyptian ruins. Cool. Nice handwriting, *******.

Then we went inside Khufu’s pyramid. The one belonging to Khafre (Khufu’s son) is the only pyramid left with any of the famously smooth, gleaming limestone. It was a very long, poky shaft that went up at about a 25° angle, made humid (and probably weathered) by the breath of tourists. Then we got to the burial chamber. Nice and space-y, and a high ceiling too. And because of the shade (strip-lit, naturally) it was cool too.

Then there’s the Sphinx. Large, monolithic and utterly nose-free, the half-lion half-man depicts the chosen form of the god Harmachis (god of the rising sun, I thinx) when he went to destroy the forces of Set the Evil One. Unfortunately, it seems to be decaying internally and a series of dodgy ‘reconstruction’ efforts (hence the shiny new -and tiled, which screws up the fact that it’s carved from a single piece of bedrock- paws) have only sped up the process.

Howzat for a blog post?

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  1. Hey Zac! Hope you’re still having fun in Egypt – it’s one of my favourite destinations. Are you going to go diving in the Red Sea?
    I was there a couple of years ago and the Mantarays were unbelievable!

    I know you probably get tired of your Mum making you blog – but TRUST me it’s great that you are blogging. So few kids get the experience to do what you’re doing – and by sharing your experiences you are helping to prevent the ignorance that is so common in most people.

    My Dad made me keep a diary from when I was 8 until I was 18 – I still write it today (I’m 25). Not only did it make me better at written communication but I love looking back at how my opinions have changed.

    Keep up the good work dude!


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