Ozymandias and the cheesy light show

Hello again! Today I am reporting from Abu Simbel (the village next to the Great Temple of Ramses II). I’m in a really laid-back place and all, and it has (obviously) got internet. So, we’ve gone to the Great Temple of R-2 (Ramses II) to see the sound and light show. Today we’ll be going back to see it in the daytime. As for the light show, it was… pretty cheesy, actually. Yup, I’m about to launch into a description. *Dramatic music*

It starts with slightly choppy thunder sounds accompanied by a couple of light projector-based thingies. Amazing. Then it starts to get interesting. The narrator turns out to be the ‘spirit of the desert’. Still not that bad. Oh yes, it’s ever-so-slightly biased towards, uh, fair Nubia and to UNESCO, the ‘miracle of human brotherhood’. Hmm. Still, it’s sort of worth sitting through the endless supply of soppy and cheesy lines (courtesy of queen/high consort Nefertari) to see the spectacular laser FX which come at the end.

Oh, and at the end you get to have a glimpse of the exterior of the temples. You see, thanks to the 1960s High Dam project, a large portion of the temples were under threat of being submerged by what is now Lake Nasser (courtesy of Egypt’s former dictator Nasser), so UNESCO popped in and relocated the temples. Of course, some of them went to countries who participated (human brotherhood don’t come cheap) and you can find one in NYC’s Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Anyways, UNESCO cut the Great Temple of R-2 (the one with the 4 massive seated statues) and the Temple of Hathor (shamelessly devoted to R-2 and Nefertari) into blocks and reconstructed them against concrete mountains. Oh, and there’s another relic there too: Authentic 19th century vandalism. That means adventurers carving their names there.

Fare thee well.

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  1. So glad you are still enjoying Egypt. Look forward to talking to you after you return from your trip down the Nile (or should that be up?)

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