Nah nah nah na naa naaah 2: On a felucca

Yup. A felucca. Bet you don’t even know what that is. The spellchecker doesn’t, so I’ll tell ye. A felucca is like a sailing boat. A small-ish one, and (naturally) cheap (to a point). But that is all about whether you take the return trip, the captain, whether you’re a derp, etcetera. We paid about 2000 Egyptian pounds (derp price). I do feel somewhat embarrassed about it, though. The price, I mean.

Right, new paragraph. On the first day we set off and I was very excited. There’s some goodly fun to be had on said sailing vessel. For the well-heeled traveller, there are Dahabiyyas (literally meaning golden boats). I don’t really like them ’cause they get tugged (no matter what the Lonely Planet cretins say) by a very noisy little boat that has a habit of spoiling the atmosphere. Although, they do have good accommodation.

They also have generators (probably also noisy). And a restaurant on top. But I would rather go on the somewhat more charming Sudan (I had the privilege of seeing it in action), Egypt’s last functioning paddle steamer. That, I think, is much nicer as the noise is a part of the atmosphere, not an intrusion on it. I feel sorry for people who pay their life’s savings for a Dahabiyya and spend the duration being tugged.

Gosh, this is getting to be a mini guide to Nile boating, isn’t it? Anyway, bottom of the list are cruise ships. There are some good (and pricey) ships out there, travelling solo, but the majority travel in convoys of 3 to 6 and look like warped renditions of Soviet prison ships. Um, so that’s all I’ve got for now. I’m in the midst of a f**king huge sandstorm (no relevance to the post), and I wish you all

Good luck and smooth sailing!

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