Damnit, Alex!

Heyo! Today I am going to relate to you my experience of the Library of Alexandria. No, not the old one, you twit. The new one. It’s a cool piece of architecture. It’s called the Sun Disc, and it has earned its title because a) it’s disc shaped, b) it reflects the sun and c) because it has the spherical Planetarium “orbiting” it (e.g Earth).

Now, into greater detail. It’s a very efficient design, covered in windows with little “eyelashes” to keep the dust off, but they still clean it daily. It has little bits of coloured glass around the eyes, symbolising (apparently) land and water. Inside, it’s less child-friendly. There is a children’s library and an art gallery. The rest is out of bounds.

I mean, it’s all very well if you’re reading 100-page books and stuff like that, but for a boy who’s read an Iain M. Banks novel? No. I only got a peek of their impressive archives (sporting a military-level supercomputer and a huge internet database) while on a guided tour. How sad. Other than that, great place.