Car Crash 1

Hello readers! Today I have decided to write a blog post. Why? Look at the title. What does it say? Car Crash 1. That’s right, I’ve had my first car crash. And no, I wasn’t driving. Nor (to her credit) was mum. No, our driver was a Bedouin smuggler (whose name I can’t, shan’t and won’t spell) who accidentally drove his 4×4 into a hole at 30mph. To his credit, we were the 11th car or tuk-tuk (yes, they have those in Egypt) to crash into the hole. And it was at night.

It’s a weird process. One second I was sitting in a seatbelt-free Land Rover, the next I was flying and then mum cannoned into me and my jaw struck the headrest. Then, when I came back to my senses, I was curled up on the floor of the car (I think). DON’T WORRY! I’m fine. The headrest was cushioned and took the impact. I am okay. Mum, however, was in a somewhat different state. I’m sure she has a post on her site, but here’s my take.

When mum woke up (according to her) she felt what she thought was cold water down her face. It was blood. Her head had smashed the window. She’s fine now, although she did have concussion. She slept that off, and all she has left is a headache. U wear seat belts now u hear me!? Lol. Uh, okay, so just read mum’s one cause I have run out of  words ink for my typewriter.

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  1. Sooooooo glad to hear that both you & T are OK & that Car Crash1 left you just shaken but not stirred, or should that be the other way around? Read any James Bond 007 yet?
    Love yo you both
    Mish xx

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