Self-Inflicted Insomnia

Hello! I have been suffering from a lack of sleep (call it self-inflicted insomnia) and have, as a result, decided to mention it in today’s post. But fear not! This is not a rant. This is a normal post. And it is about Jordan. We have been to Petra, the Wadi Rum, and the crusader fortress of Karak. They all had one thing in common: super-duper expensive. Really pricey. But this ain’t a rant.

So. Petra. Everyone’s heard of it, everyone wants to go and everyone’s bound to quiz me about it. It’s not an unjustified urge. Petra is brilliant. You walk through the Siq (wadi?) to get to the Treasury and are greeted by possibly one of history’s grandest sights. The Nabataeans who built the tomb (still the Treasury) knew how to make it look good.

Time (and superstitious Bedouin) has eroded it, but the famous scene of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade remains the most dramatic and magnificent sight of all Jordan.  I mean, it sort of materialises out of the rock. Sure, the Monastery is awe-inspiringly huge, but it’s a climb and it’s not even red! Only the Treasury is red.

You really need 2 days in Petra. It’s huge. I’m, frankly, running out of words. Oh, did I mention that one of our friends is shooting a film in Wadi Rum? She is. You are denied the right to a spoiler. Well, okay, just a littl-  oh **** I’ve run out of words- *transmission cuts out*

2 Responses to Self-Inflicted Insomnia

  1. what i love in the lego indiana jones game is how they’ve shown petra. LOL. i am so glad you’re there! what did you eat?

  2. I’m looking forward to visiting there when we’re finally in Jordan. You have me a little concerned at how expensive it is though. Any clues you want to share?

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