And Out of Lebanon

I’m not even going to bore you with a “hello, readers” today. So a happy Wednesday to you all! I have left –to the joy of our longsuffering budget– Lebanon. Were you even aware I was there? Whatever. But yes, I was in Lebanon. Mum is still there. I’m in London.
Yes, I’m in London. But the post is about Lebanon. So here we go. Please sit through my crap. We started our tour in Beirut. It’s incredibly cosmopolitan, in some parts. It’s also been bombed flat. Again, only in parts.
The bomb craters are thanks to Israel, who fought the local terrorists Islamist freedom fighters, the Hezbollah (more on that later). First thing after that? Byblos. At 7000 years of people dwellers, this place is wrestling for the title of oldest continuously inhabited town in Lebanon.
It’s full of ruins from Roman temple to Crusader castle. I’ve had enough ruins for now, thank you very much. NEXT! A huge 60,000m2 complex at Mleeta, nicknamed Hezbollah Land. They were very artistic with it, landscaping artillery, tanks and –too many for comfort—Israeli helmets.
Good so far, right? Yep, right up until they claimed that the victory against Israel was for the good of all humanity. Victory against Israel = Good for humanity, bad for Israel. Therefore, Israel must not be human. That really blew it for me.
Last of all, Tyre. Roman ruins. AGAIN. Good ones, but what I really enjoyed was the New Town. I cannot write about nor see any more ruins for a good long while. And yes, this is the end of the post.

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  1. Wot no silk museum? No Moussa Castle? No wuvly apartment in Tyre? No cutesy kittens? You always miss out the stuff you like, crazy kid. Miss you x.

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