Meanwhile In Paris

Hello. I was in Paris. Paris. Paris. Mean anything to you? No? Okay. The city of Paris is the capital of Fran- oh, you know that already? Right. So first I saw the Arc Du Triomphe. Big, ever-so-slightly pretentious Napoleonic monument. Then the Eiffel Tower. I climbed up as far as the stairs go, then (dad) paid 1€ for me to have a few minutes looking through a telescope.
Dinner? Pizza at a place recommended by a friend of dad’s whom we stayed and ate with. The only reason I’m mentioning this is because a homeless person came to our table. He pointed at the pizza and mumbled something in French. Then he took a slice. While he was eating, dad took a peek. Clean clothes, clean shaven. Not homeless, just über drunk. We left soon after he fell asleep.
Highlight? Futuroscope. It’s a science-y theme park. My favourite bit was the animals of the future, a fun ride utilising Virtual Reality. It’s great. They project 3D images onto your goggles and you have a thing on your hand so you can interact with the virtual world. You’re strapped into a train. At the end they turn your partner into a green slimy monster. Many screams at this point.
Oh, and we had a little bit of Louvre. I’ve had too many museums. The Mona Lisa was smaller than I expected. I preferred the Futuroscope. You must go there, if you like that sort of thing.


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  1. Are you sure it was the Futuroscope ? It’s not in Paris but quite far away. I’ve been there ages ago and love it. But inside Paris I love the Cité des Sciences where there often are great exhibitions.

  2. I remember being shocked at how small the Mona Lisa was as well! I guess we just assume it is grand in stature because of the barage of gradiosity about it we run into all the time!

  3. Futuroscope sounds interesting.

    When we were in Paris when I was 8 I remember my mother wanted to go to the Louvre and my sister (then 6) and I put our feet down and insisted no more museums we wanted to go to the zoo. It helps when there are two of you (kids) to one of them (adults). This was a long time ago, so no Futuroscope, that would have been even better if it were possible.

    I have been to the Louvre twice since then. It’s different to go because you want to than because some one else wants you to. Last time I was there I didn’t look at any paintings, just everything else! I’ve never thought Mona Lisa was all that, but I looked the first time I went.

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