Ehrmagerd, No More Ruins

Good day. Or night, depending on where you are. I am in the Turkish town of Seljuk (spelled S-E-L-C-with-a-squiggly-thing-underneath-it-U-K) after coming from Kurshadasi (sh is a substitute for s-with-the-squiggle since squiggles act as an h for s or c) where we met our friends from Singapore (name withheld) and did stuff with them.
I should mention that none of the stuff we did involves nasty, boring ruins. We went to Adaland Aquapark. Oh yes we did. And a few beaches. And the Cave of Zeus. That was FREEZING. I came out shivering. See, the Cave of Zeus has a pool sheltered from sunlight by the cave at all times. I cannonballed in THREE times. Oh and we lounged by the pool at our hotel (we splurged on our budget ’cause we’d booked).
So pretty cool. Now we’re in Seljuk mum made us go to Ephesus, another set of ruins which, frankly, I did not like. I was not impressed. ENOUGH RUINS ALREADY! But anyway, tomorrow we’re going to another water park and I can forget all about ruins. =D
So bye.

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  1. Yeah, OK. Can we have one set of Hittite ruins, one set of Assyrian if we can find them), and no more ruins? Or shall we just bail from Turkey altogether?

    God knows what we’re gonna do in Greece. Spot Euro queues?

  2. Hey Zac. My family was in that part of Turkey last year. My daughter, who’s your age, couldn’t stand all the ruins either and wasn’t shy about letting us know it. (I suspect you two would get on well together.) Adaland was fun though! She also enjoyed some frightening, bungee-jumping ride down at the playground by the beach.

    We also camped in Selçuk—during Kurban Bayramı, Turkey’s holiday of sacrifice—at the edge of a bustling animal lot, where people came to buy sheep and goats for slaughter. We spent 2 days watching folks stuff live sheep into car trunks and tie squirmy goats onto motorcycles, so they could take them home and slaughter them later for the holiday. Now, personally I enjoy ruins, but I must admit they don’t hold a candle to livestock on motorcycles.

    Great post. Happy travels!

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