Windsurfing, Waterfalls, Lidl

So, I did some windsurfing. I’m now a self-proclaimed self-proclaimed competent windsurfer. It’s cool, cause you don’t have to rely on waves being huge and you can fall off the board and not get washing-machined. Or dashed on the rocks. Because, as the name suggests, you windsurf with a sail.
Yess, with a sail. So I have to get it in at the right time, with the right size sail, etc. Too big a sail and it’s too heavy, too small and you won’t move. As I weigh only 30 kg, my sail is a measly 2.5 meters. Largest one I know of? 6.5, I think.
It’s quite hard work, holding the sail up, turning it against the wind, holding it straight, etc. Even for a sail only 2.5 meters long. But it’s fun. Exhausting fun. But I wasn’t exhausted enough to be incapable of waterfall climbing. No, it was not a big waterfall.
No, it was not a fast waterfall, not slippery and not particularly steep. But it was fun. And in the end, that’s what life is for. And once we, as a species, have it all worked out -matter generation, infinite energy, reality altering, time travel, FTL, etc.- it’ll all be about happiness.
Last off, we saw a turtle in the road. Tortle. Whatevs. No, I will not describe a Greek Lidl. 拜拜!

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A Skinny Kid Goes Down The Coldest River In Greece

Bloody hell, that was a right mouthful. Yes, I am in Greece. Cradle of Western civilisation, Cradle of Democracy pretty much worldwide, and cradle of EU-wide economic crisis. First off: Lesvos. Oh yes, Lesvos.
Lesvos, also known as Lesbos, is the island that gave rise to the term lesbian. No, they were not all gay. It’s just that there was an allegedly female (though in actual fact quite possibly male) poet who went around writing love poems to other women.
Actually quite a nice place. Although one has to wonder why the mannequins in the United Colours of Benetton’s display window were all completely naked. Oh, and the male dolls had rather painstakingly etched penises. With testes attached.
Next? Athens. The Cradle of Democracy. No, we did not see any riots. We went straight through to the bus station. And now we come to the place we’re staying now. My grandparents’ holiday home! It’s in a nice mountain village called Tseria.
Now, on the subject of Greece’s coldest river. It’s a mountain stream! See, in the winter snow collects on the peaks of mountains. Then in spring the snow melts. Yes, I know it’s early autumn but there’s still a bit of water.
Anyway, you can watch my pathetic attempts at body boarding it here: