Windsurfing, Waterfalls, Lidl

So, I did some windsurfing. I’m now a self-proclaimed self-proclaimed competent windsurfer. It’s cool, cause you don’t have to rely on waves being huge and you can fall off the board and not get washing-machined. Or dashed on the rocks. Because, as the name suggests, you windsurf with a sail.
Yess, with a sail. So I have to get it in at the right time, with the right size sail, etc. Too big a sail and it’s too heavy, too small and you won’t move. As I weigh only 30 kg, my sail is a measly 2.5 meters. Largest one I know of? 6.5, I think.
It’s quite hard work, holding the sail up, turning it against the wind, holding it straight, etc. Even for a sail only 2.5 meters long. But it’s fun. Exhausting fun. But I wasn’t exhausted enough to be incapable of waterfall climbing. No, it was not a big waterfall.
No, it was not a fast waterfall, not slippery and not particularly steep. But it was fun. And in the end, that’s what life is for. And once we, as a species, have it all worked out -matter generation, infinite energy, reality altering, time travel, FTL, etc.- it’ll all be about happiness.
Last off, we saw a turtle in the road. Tortle. Whatevs. No, I will not describe a Greek Lidl. 拜拜!