And For Our 999th Day of Travel, I Get Lost in Bali

Hullo readers. I am in Bali writing about how I got lost. If you would like a post on my recent surgery, see mum’s blog as it is an EMBARASSING CHILDHOOD CONDITION and I would prefer not to write about it. But I will write about this one time today when I got lost.
It started with dinner. We went to Pizza Bagus to have… guess guess guess… PIZZA! And a good pizza it was too. Pizza Bagus is quite a walk away from our hotel, and when mum went for a pee I sat outside the deli window. This prove to be a bad idea.
Mum, upon leaving the loo, looked around for a second and then informed the waitresses that she was going and that they should tell me she had left for the hotel. I, upon hearing the news, set off towards our hotel. I had no idea where to go. I was miffed.
My irritation soon gave way. It’s not fun being lost and I just wanted to be back. So I kept walking. And walking. Then I met some nice ladies who were conveniently rather curious as to why I was walking around without a parent to follow me.
I asked them where monkey forest road was. They pointed. I asked again, with extra emphasis on the “road”. Same. Huh, I thought.There was some animated conversation. They asked me where I was staying. I told them. More animated conversation.
Then they put me on a motorbike and took me to my hotel’s restaurant. There I had to wander back to the hotel, frequently asking directions. You see, small hotel chains are all over Ubud. Things like Artini 1, 2, 3, restaurant and mini-mart are rather common.
So when I got dropped off at the restaurant, I then had to find the (rather well-concealed) Gayatri 2 bungalows. Then I got back here and had to write this post. <.< THE. END.