And Now I Guess I’ll Go To The Himalayas

I have endeavoured to distribute my surplus boredom among you in another exciting blog post from me. Prepare to be bored to the brink of excitement! So yeah, I’m going to the Himalayas. I am doing a blog post about it because I value your audience you are all pawns in my quest for world domination muahahaha mum said so. -_-

So I guess I’ll write about how scared I am and stuff. I have, out of knowing perfectly well how much it means to mum, agreed to do this. It’s a cool thing to do, no doubt. And the bragging rights? Amazing. But really, I am f███ing scared. I mean, who ENJOYS (non-mes excluded) climbing up a s███load of f███ing mountains to get to a few f███ing huts?

It will hurts us. The cold, it will burnses us. And after, we will bragses about it. Thus we embark upon our journey to destroy the Ring. Srsly though, you will nawt hear the end of it. I would like to say that I will write a post about it, then disappear utterly for the next few weeks as my legs re-adjust to a climate of joyful procrastination. I hope.

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  1. I’m not at all religious (though some of Buddhist thought interests me) but I think prayer flags are neat in that they can be representations of what you wish for and hope for. Be sure to leave some behind in the Himalayas so you’ll know your dreams are being broadcast into the ether. Plus, they look incredibly cool. Have a great time, I enjoy your blog.

  2. I’m looking forward to your Mum’s posts post-trip about how much her legs hurt considering they were jelly after climbing Mt Kinabalu. I’m hoping you make it back to your laptop long enough to make fun of her. Have you considered paying a sherpa to steal her cigarettes on this climb so she has to give up (and for laughs)?

  3. Well your Mum really knows how to arrange a good time. Just think what will follow – winter in China!

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