The Cultural Value of Video Games

Let me start off (no intro I’m afraid) by pointing out that film (scarcely older than video games) is considered by many to be an important aspect of human culture. So please, don’t use the “it’s only been around for a few decades” argument. Film has been around for not much longer. I mean, seriously.
Games are also not all the same generic, violent, pointless things many people think they are. That’s like saying all movies are violent, stupid and racist because Taken is a heap of shit. So please, don’t use that argument. Also, the idea that games encourage violence is true. The same, might I add, as it is with books, movies and religion.
Now before I get half a terabyte of hate mail, might I just say that religion has also been used to broadcast messages of peace, friendship and loving to the world. And educate it. The same goes with film, books and games. So honestly, I don’t know why games are not accepted as part of our culture.
Hell, they’ll be the world’s new hobby soon. So just go with the flow and stop fighting it as stupid.

Intelligent criticism (and praise) only, thank you very much.

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  1. A well-written defence! Does this count as constructive criticism? And you only have to look at the reluctance of our older universities to consider English, say, as a suitable subject to realise that novelty is rarely welcome.

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