Happy Belated Birthday… to Me.

Hello readers! I have been paragliding for my birthday! Incidentally, that was the first time I did it. Also incidentally, it’s one of my favourite sports. Here I have a photo of me before take-off:

Le me, just before take off.

Take-off itself is possibly the most terrifying. I wasn’t particularly scared, but that’s just me. Basically, for takeoff you run down a steep slope until you lift off the ground. And by steep, I mean really steep. And by run, I mean really run.

Now, as a pretty inquisitive boy with an odd concern for my own life (funny that) I naturally wondered what would happen if I didn’t go fast enough. Turns out: nothing bad. It’s just easier.

I’m ashamed to say that one of the first things in my mind before takeoff (after clearing up that mess about the possibility of falling off a cliff with our (flights are tandem unless experienced) parachute un-inflated) was the things the wind would do to my lips. Oh, and my lack of gloves.

When I took off those thoughts vanished. To illustrate, here’s another photo:

Now think that photo just sums up my thoughts. This is more of a photo post. And then the landing? The paraglider harness turns into a sort of seat. Beneath the “seat” there’s loads of air-filled slack. That acts as a cushion for landing. I’ll add a video soon. :)

Me, mid-flight

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  1. Sounds like what both grandpa and I want for our birthdays – NOT! I do hope you enjoy the trekking. That is one thing I would like to have done before my **** knees gave way. Snowflakes a bit premature, non?

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