Why Don’t My Legs Hurt?

Hello readers! My legs don’t hurt! Yes, you heard me– my legs feel fine! For those of you who don’t know, I’m in the Himalayas, going on a long march to Everest Base Camp! …No, I am not climbing Everest. I am walking to Everest Base Camp. That is not the same as climbing Everest.
Just to clear things up. So anyway, I’m currently at Gokyo, having seen the first 5 (and skated, without blades, on 1,2 and 4) of the famous glacial lakes (what do you mean you haven’t heard of them!?). Tomorrow we climb/walk Gokyo Ri (peak), and then we do Dragnag. Yes, I know.
I don’t think it’s particularly hard. No dragging and not that much nagging– I hope. But let’s shut up about what will happen, and start talking on what has happened! Like my time machine experiment! Well, technically, the time travel experiment will have happened.
But anyway. One of the most notable things to have happened, in my view, is the lakes! I skated on them, remember? went up to the fourth and fifth lakes yesterday; (been dying to use a semi-colon) the first and second on the way here; and the third is right by Gokyo.
Damn good for skating on. I don’t have skates (toboggan rental: huge profits in the tourist season. Discount for hotel guests: monopoly) so I’ve been skating in my boots. To great enjoyment, even if I wiped out a few times and once fell head-under-heels into some wet slush.
In a fleece jacket. Me gusta. But the most satisfying of all experiences? Walking into the warmth of a teahouse and plonking yourself down, Kobo in hand, by the dried yak-dung hearth. Mmmm…