Beijing Again

Hai there, faithful readers! Contrary to what at least some of you must believe, I’m not dead. There’s probably a spambot out there which finds a site, watches it and then, when there have been no posts for a given amount of time, asks, under many aliases, if the site admin(s) is dead. I’d rather not trigger such a bot, so I’m writing a blog post. Nah, mum told me to. 😛
Quick warning: I’ve changed the theme to something less… Christmassy. You’ll get used to it in no time. I kinda miss the animated snow; that was awesome. Still, it’s not Christmas so I’ve got a new (but still sexy) theme. Also, I am in Beijing. It’s cold as Viking Hel. We’re in the same place as usual, enjoying the restaurant’s warmth (ahh) in our chilly hutong (alley-street).
We did the Railway Museum yesterday. That was fun. They had an exhibition, some puzzles (I did mine quickly), a 3D cinema and a simulator. In the simulator you got to drive a high-speed train. It was easy enough at the start, then I got a red light on the console and slowed down till it went off and then stopped at the station. The brakes really screamed on that thing.
Oh, and we did more of the Museum of China. There’s so much in there you need more than one trip to do it all. We’ve made two and still haven’t done it. My favourite bit was the space- bit but I honestly can’t even begin to describe it all. I also don’t wanna spoil it for you. I also can’t remember much. They did have awesome tableaux. I can remember/reveal that much.
Also, I lost my knife at customs in Kunming. ._.

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