Happy New Year!

It’s new year! Chinese New Year, you dufus! I wouldn’t roll out a new year’s post this late. But hey, it’s not too late for me to blog about the firework display. Even though fireworks are an awful, awful subject to write about. Anyway, it starts off with me in bed. I’m not asleep, just enjoyin’ mah mancave. Wishing the bloody fireworks would pipe down.

They don’t. Instead, mum pipes up and starts yelling at me to come and look at the fireworks. Because she can see them from the balcony. So I rush out –did I mention that I’m in my undies and a t-shirt at this point?– and look. Predictably, there’s condensation on the windows and I can’t see much, but I get a glimpse.

Next, I go back to my f*cking room to (hopefully) get some f*cking peace and quiet. No such luck. I am soon called to mum’s room, where, for whatever reason, the windows are fine and I can see the fireworks. They’re pretty, mainly the classic colours of red, green and yellow but with some white and blue in there too.

Then I go back to my room and observe the fireworks from there. Good god, this was an awful topic for mum to give me. I wonder if she’s written one on the subject…

3 Responses to Happy New Year!

  1. A) That’s not how it was — you were super-stoked by the first lot of fireworks and called me into your mancave to watch them with you. B) I didn’t say you had to write about Chinese New Year. I said you should write a blog post. You could have written about the lovely time on the ice slides and the ice sculptures and the ice bikes and the toboggans and so on………

  2. I was a bit grateful it isn’t a big deal on this island in Thailand. I figured you’d probably get a couple of sleepless nights there.

  3. And a happy New Year to you too. But it could be worse. When Wagner’s wife Cosima presented him with their first child the great man went away and composed the Siegfried Idyll. Then, being a thoughtful sort of chap, he got together a group of instrumentalists, rehearsed all day and all night, and had them give the first performance of the Siegfried Idyll below her window at first light of the very next morning.

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