I’m Screwed

I’m screwed. Screwed.
I am alone in the house. Mum has gone diving. I have to do maths. I have done a pretty good deal of maths, but I have a lot left. I am taking a fifteen-minute break from my hour’s worth of maths. Let me explain. Mum got rather mad at me yesterday (I didn’t do enough maths and then I took out my phone at dinner).
So today, as I am alone, I am to do four hours’ worth of maths and my Chinese characters, with the penalty for failure being a computer ban, with the exception of Skype (and not with my friends), for a week. So, here’s the deal. If I complete the task, I don’t get a computer ban… but mum recognises the system as viable, storing it for later use.

If I fail… it’s a ban. Balls.

Yeah, that.

By doing this post (and thus admitting I took a break), I am… well, spinning the chamber.

There’s just one thing: how the fuck do I win?

5 Responses to I’m Screwed

  1. Z – your mother is not a tyrant, just a caring mother. She will applaud you for doing your best, and encourage you to be the best you can be.

    Someday, (truly) you will look on this time and laugh. Trudge on, it’ll be worth it!

    As a mother in a similar situation – schoolwork is important. Get it over with and you will thank yourself in the future.

  2. Easy ..young boy

    1 -Take a pic of your home work
    2 – Post it online
    3 – Let your friends get it done for you
    4 – Copy and paste results
    5 – Hit print Button

    WON !

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