I’m Not Dead (Yet)

Hello everyone! It appears many of you did not realise that my “shutting down” post was in fact a devious April Fools’. But it was! Why was it three days before you updated to say it was a prank, you ask? Shut the fuck up, that’s why.
Also, we didn’t have WiFi.

Anyway, it was partially true in that school has eaten up a sizeable chunk of my time, although I still have plenty of time to spare – as demonstrated by the fact I’m writing this post on a weekday (yes, it’s amazing). Actually, it’s pretty amazing that I’ve even posted Although there has been less homework recently. It’s probably about the impending school trip, which I might as well tell you about.

Yes, next week we will go on a trip! To the faraway land of Java! For five days! At a cost of 200 pounds! No, I don’t think it costs that much either. Still, we get two weeks of school so why not. Anyway, it’s been fun at school so far; I have made some friends and even one enemy! (Nah, apparently he’s a dick to everyone – speaking of dicks, he seems rather insecure about something…)

Where was I? Oh yes, so this new school. I don’t regret anything; although the power went out today in the old campus, leaving the facilities without the aircon on which they appear to rely, I really like this place and likely will do for some time to come. Besides, it’s necessary for my education and my future.

So that’s about it really. Oh, and we went to Malapascua over the half-term, but that was replaced by the April Fools’ post. No, I will not write about it. Unless mum makes me. But until then, read hers. Seriously.


Over and out.