Happy New Year

Some of you may have noticed that the date thingummyjig on your computer screen says 2015. That computer is the work of the devil. Purge it. With fire.

Also, it’s a new year! Happy New Year 2015! Why is this late? Because I’m a normal human being who has a life and did stuff over the new year. Sorry for betraying you, but it was pretty rewarding! …Anyway, how’s your new year been? Just kidding, I don’t care Mine’s been great!

So, basically, for New Year I went diving. With my friends. Two of them. Yeah, that’s about it. Also, my grandparents (mum’s side) came over. And my cousin. With them, they brought Christmas presents. Rare and coveted Christmas presents. Truly astounding gifts that twist the very souls of mortals.

Yeah, they brought Salt and Vinegar flavoured crisps and Marmite. We got two jars of Marmite and two shipments of crisps. Mum ate four packets of crisps from the first shipment. Then I hid them. After a lot of hoarding, I still have seven packets. I will die for them.

Anyway, present-talk over. As you may have deduced, they spent time here. Besides giving me presents, we went on actual trips with them. Like, to Lombok. And to the mountains. It was nice and we had a nice time. And for most of the time, we weren’t even sick!


Things happened and I am happy.


©because of misanthropy


no but seriously I hate you all




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