SEAMC 2015 – The Horror, The Horror

So, back in the far-off time of February 2015, I went off to SEAMC. SEAMC is Southeast Asia’s premier biggest nerd competition mathematics championship. As you can probably guess, our little Balinese school didn’t do very well.

No disrespect to SEAMC, of course. I don’t resent it. The SEAMC people tried very hard to make us socialise and it kind of worked – we met some kids from Sha Tin College, who later went on to dominate the competition, so all was good. That wasn’t a problem.

But, of course, we had to do maths. And lots of it. It was pretty difficult. By which I mean it was so terrifyingly difficult that I was completely dumbfounded for most of it. Still, thanks to the incredible power of guesswork, I managed to do okay. Well… I placed maybe 200th out of 240 people.

So yeah. Day 1 was fairly traumatic. There was an early wakeup, fear in the air and so on. And so, we took a leap of faith. Unfortunately, the long jump pit was filled with bricks and we ended up limping through the 100m sprint and collapsing on the hurdles.

However, we went back to bed and emerged, fresh-faced, the very next day. And this time we were… well, if not prepared then more aware of our impending doom. So this time, we were ever so slightly less stomach-crampingly terrified!

We still got fucked up though. Apparently we placed last. Oh well – it’s the participation that counts, right?