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I used to travel a lot, now I occasionally talk about things in my blog post. It’s cool. You should give me money in exchange for my brilliant thoughts.

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  1. This sounds like so much fun! I never got to do that when I was your age – although I always dreamed of traveling the World. Thankfully, I get to do that now as an adult (3X your age)…I am on my way to Bangkok/Thailand and then Ankor Wat/Cambodia. Are you going there?

    I decided to post a comment because I thought I should challenge you to think a bit more about the World as you travel in it. It was triggered by the use of the term “third world” in your post. I realise you are young and you may not yet be aware of the way the World is divided in all sorts of ways – particularly politically and economically. Or maybe you are, young as you may be. Would you rather not say a “low income place” instead of “third world” or “developing” or “global south”? I would. Thats why I am writing. I would like the generations after me to challenge such terms. The biggest indicator that divides the “developed” countries from the rest is income (GDP, per capita). So, as a wise friend constantly tells me, why don’t we call countries simply by that term (high, middle, low income) instead of inventing all sorts of geographically incorrect/useless/not descriptive terms? What do you think? I am sure you see both a ton of differences and similarities between places.

  2. Hey, let’s just say that am not trying to say you’re real lucky for getting to trot all over the world… Coz that’s just the place I wanna be :)
    You know, it feels so frustrating to look at the world from a 20 inch screen when all we gotta do is pack our bags and go hiking…
    And I gotta say one more thing- your blog is pretty impressive :) Keep it going…

  3. I think it is incredibly awesome that you have a blog! It is a great way to express what you see while you are traveling. I always had a journal when I was a kid and then growing up, and I know you are going to love this when you are older and looking back at all of your adventures. I am already hooked after reading one story and your About Me section, can’t wait to read more :)


    Becki & Andy

  4. Firstly, LOL at Lakshmi Krishnan, c’mon mate, next you’ll be joining the UK sensors in tryng to change bah bah black sheep to bah bah epidermically unique sheep. Surely people in the “third world” have bigger fish to fry than to care about terminology?

    Secondly, you are most assuredly mature beyond your years Zac, cudos to you and your mum for making the most out of life.

    Keep on keeping on

  5. Hi,
    My daughter is also ten. We’ve been back in the States for a year now. She is rallying for us to head back to India. We have lived in China, Taiwan, and India for 5 years total.

    It’s cool to read about you and your mum.

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