My Awful (?) Mum

Disclaimer: I may not have included all of the factors, good and bad, of my mum. I kinda want to upgrade my computer and I could use another gigabyte of RAM space, so I’m trying to get an ad deal. One should be enough.

My mum sorta sux. So I wrote this blog post about it.


  • Lost my phone for me (IT HAD A COLOUR SCREEN!).
  • Has hijacked my netbook cause hers has a shoddy trackpad.
  • Is not letting me watch movies on my computer.
  • Made me do this stupid blog post (at least she didn’t object to the theme of the post…).
  • Generally does not let me talk about the crazy lady whereas she feels free to b@t*h about her all she wants.
  • Is now forcing me to do an essay after this. GAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!! :(
  • Still owes me a considerable allowance.

However, I guess there is a somewhat larger nice side of my mum. Besides which this post has to reach 300 words to count.

For starters, unlike some people, she does not sell naked pics of me over the web. And she…

  • Allows us to go over-budget a lot. And I mean a LOT.
  • Eventually pays my allowance. Eventually. And she does allow me to have soft drinks.
  • Knows when I’m angry (never) and when I’m simply dehydrated (a lot of the time this is the cause).
  • Does not have very strict rules about beddy byes. Not when she has internet, anyway. Lol. 😀
  • Is usually a bit more reasonable when it comes to computers. I mean, it is mine, not hers. I mean, she didn’t ask me about it… Should I even put this in the pros section? Is this a pro or a con? Oh to hell with it. Pro it is.

Alrighty then. I’m sweating my ass off in the heat of Penang, and so I leave you now to do something that is hopefully more interesting. Bye now!

The Mighty Mekong

Here Is an essay on the river mekong:

The Mighty Mekong

The Mekong. The mighty Mekong. Whole civilizations of Asia owed the hulking great miles-wide river a thank-you letter in the times of old.

Even today the food supply of Si Phan Don would quiver and snap without it and it can even effect the tourist business and the ‘vehicles for hire’ business which do things for hire such as kayaks and leaky canoes.

Then there are the ‘Mekong Sunsets’ which are totally gorgeous and include: ‘sun-burnt streak’, a golden ‘streak’ of sunlight from the setting sun, fishing boats that leave a wake that looks like tarnished gold and of course, there are Irrawaddy dolphins.

Irrawaddy Dolphins are shy little mammals that originated in Burma’s Irrawaddy river and are not scared of the ridiculously loud longtail boats. As shown in the picture, usually you can see nothing but their back and sometimes the they blow out of their air-holes. They make an unearthly noise when blowing the air out but they can be excused that because they are mammals.

I, myself have only visited it in the dry season but advise you NEVER to build a riverside building that isn’t elevated or else monsoons will erase your building when the Mekong rises and the currents teach it how to get pieces swept away.