Nana nana naa na 1: Sinai Desert

Nana nana naa nah, I got to go to the desert. That’s right, I’m doing a post devoted to crowing about my experiences in the Sinai desert. Well, not just crowing. It’s about what I did and stuff like that.

So, on day one we mainly just ran around on sand dunes. Should you find yourself on a good big dune, I would advise you to roll or run (check for rocks first, mind) all the way down. Should you have a slide-y piece of material big enough and shaped right, then it may well be intended to be a dune-board (or toboggan).

Day two? Well, we went to a well. And Mohamed splashed me. Oh, and we (mum excluded) climbed a rock by moonlight.

As for day three… Well…  We went canyoning with the Evil Gnome (Willem, our Dutch friend who came on the trip with us, had the idea) and had lunch at an oasis. BTW, we moved camp every night. I got to stand in the back of our 2wd Hilux while it bounced over sand and stones.

On the last day, we left the Evil Gnome (something Willem had always been planning to do) in a canyon. He liked it there. He could scare people by echoing his evil laugh. We had lunch outside the canyon. Then I had my first driving lesson. I released the clutch too fast, naturally.

After that we went back. I did not drive. So yeah, end of post. Hope you liked it, and I hope it influenced your opinion of deserts.